♥ Goth Today 丨@smolbean.jpg Outfit Show

♥ Goth Today 丨@smolbean.jpg Outfit Show

Hey everyone!
What's your favorite outfit style in cold days?


How about something  ♥ Darkness Goth ♥ !


Today we would like to share lovely review by Nana @smolbean.jpg .




Enjoy a video to show all details in real 👣!





1. 💜 Yummy Food Warm Hoodie C00849
2. 💜 Myth Grid Skirt:
    Common Asian Size C00759 / Plus Asian Size C00572
3. 💜 White Blouse C00757
4. 💜 Chain Stockings C00648



White Blouse C00757



 Common Asian Size C00759 / Plus Asian Size C00572



Yummy Food Warm Hoodie C00849


Chain Stockings C00648



IF you need more similar items, search keyword #SEIFUKUSKIRT #JUMPER.


All pictures and videos are owned by @smolbean.jpg and CutieKill Shop.

Please do not use without permission.


Thank you for reading.
All the best!



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