Real CutieKill丨Ariel's Holiday in OCT

Real CutieKill丨Ariel's Holiday in OCT


Hello everyone,

We will update more and more real CUTIEKILL TEAM life here.

Personal, Team Daily, Working anything about us.




Now, I, Ariel, would like to share some pictures of my recent holiday.

OCT 1-6 is our national holiday and we also had Mid-autumn day at OCT 1 this year.

Actually because of corona virus, everyone suffered a lot at the first half year. As a small company, we have been working so hard under great depression. So we all decided to have a good rest in this national holiday.

I went to beach with my family. I did relax soooooo much! 

It is sooo awesome when you just watch the sea, listen to the wave sound...



How about your holiday?

What will you do often at beach? 

Share with me by comment! 




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