About CutieKill Shop

Started as a local shop in 2015,
grew into an online store in storenvy marketplace since 2016,
now we settle our own home here 2021....



CUTIEKILL is a positive vibes shop that to deliver "Positivity, Inpsiration and Love" by inclusive fashion.

It is originally started by a team of 3 girls Ariel, Wendy and Coral. Later we have warehouse staff responsible for items mangerment, packing and shipment. For production, we do contracts with some good factories who are professional in clothes production with reseasonable and human-friendly working management.




If you wanna know our story, read below please :)


How it start

CUTIEKILL idea started on Sep 2015 and officially launched on Feb 28, 2016.

At the beginning, we started a local shop in our city, mainly focusing on Kfashion and Jfashion. We did it after we graduated from University, at the moment, we just hope to do something different.

Then in Sep 2015, we started to think, what if we spread our fashion idea over the world? It must be amazing, isnt it?

Then we prepared a long time and officially launched CUTIEKILL in storenvy platform on Feb 28, 2016.

Our first-time store site: cutiekill.storenvy.com (still valid in operation and for orders.)

We screenshot some ratings from our customers. To protect their privacy, we have covered their names.





Thanks to everyone's kind support, we finally have launched our independant site on June 26, 2020:



Who we are

We went through some hard times, and we hope to get some positivity or inspiration from others.

BUT before we receive them, we think, why not we start to offer? So we are aimed to set CUTIEKILL as a way to spread positive vibes by spreading fashion. Of course, it may be silly. However, we have to try and see what we can do.

Thank goodness, we have a nice start and now at least, we think we offer a place for everyone to chat, make friends or rest?


What we offer

Inclusive fashion with various styles, inclusive size options, joined with confidence and inspiration.


* In 2017, we were so honored to be invited by a beautiful girl named Gabrielle for an interview. Actually we were surprised and never expect someone would like to interview us, want to know more about us. Then, interview story came.



     You may find us via:
  1. Email: info@cutiekillshop.com
  2. Instagram: @cutiekill.official / @cutiekill.review / @ariel_is_real (owner) 
  3. Facebook: @cutiekillshop
  4. Twitter: @cutiekillshop
     Working time: 9am - 6pm, from Monday to Friday.
     Irregular online in instagram at weekends.



Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day.