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CutiekillShop has been supported by so much lovely cuties since 2016, but we settle this home store website this year. Here we are constantly uploading more lovely real reviews from our sweet customers.

All review pictures are credited to our customers and CutiekillShop has been authorized to own and use the reviews. Thank you.

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@ddaengjen - C01217 skirt @smolbean.jpg - C00674 skirt
@v.zozimo C00297 skirt C00083 belt
@catlistabun - C00218 skirt
@mirukurum - C00218 skirt @smolchocola - C00218 skirt C00418 belt
@dia.laii - C00366 sweater @cheekysparkles - C00395 sweater
@bornthickly - C01217 skirt
 @kittenfaeryn - C00329 skirt
@elefire_the_elf - C00226 sweater
@sylveon.bunbun_ - C00214 skirt
@blackfairybae_ - C00741 skirt
@dia.laii - C01357 cardigan @dia.laii - C00376 cardigan
@ddaengjen & @smolbean.jpg - C00550 (smaller size) C00529 (larger size)
@savscherer - C00218 skirt
@savscherer - C00218 skirt
@marii.the.elf - C00495 top @becworboyes - C00495 top C00531 skirt
@hunneh.bunneh - C00410 skirt
@alyy._.mars - C01216 skirt @kaijubabe - C00400 skirt
@v.zozimo_ - C00297 skirt
@elefire_the_elf - C00530 skirt C01813 belt
@amybrynes - C00986 skirt - C01217 skirt
@daydreamprincess_ - C00833 seifuku uniform
@magicalgirllaura - C00218 skirt
@sxft_pink - C00212 skirt
@theprincessneko - C00183 skirt
@liddol - C00083 belt @its.jen - C01217 skirt C00086 jumper
@viper.fits - C00418 belt and garter
@orange_bone @real_nikia - C00438 skirt C00031 skirt
@d3adfaiiry - C00498 skirt
@pyonkotchi - C01217 skirt @pastelkawaiibarbie - C00031 skirt
@smolnaahly - C00329 skirt @annagrozdanov - C00329 skirt
@v.zozimo - C00031 skirt
To be continued...