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Excellent More than just a School Skirt

This is a Excellent Quality School Skirt that can be worn for most activities going out with friends or an evening out. The Style and Quality is outstanding.
They are so nice and comfortable I brought a couple more in different colours and I will be buying other items from Cutiekill.

Fantastic Quality Skirts

Absolutely Beautiful, Fantastic these Skirts are everything you are looking for the Quality of the Material is supberb. I had been looking for a certain pattern for quite a while and Cutiekill had similar I was so impressed the first time I brought another two colours and I can guarantee I will be buying more Quality Clothing from them in the near future. For a company far away they only took less than two weeks to send. I am very impressed and I will be telling Friends and Family. Thankyou very much Catiekill for your outstanding Quality Skirt's and Quick delivery. Hope to see you again soon.


I love this it is so cute & it is to cute that it ROCKS P.S the Sizes are actually really bad but whatever bye this!!

Lovely Skirt

I love this beautiful skirt Sits well on me true to size
Will definitely be back for a different colour!!!

Wonderful gift!

It was a lovely surprise to see that I could get a $5 giftcard for free! But the email with the code took two days to arrive in my inbox, so I was confused and bought another $5 giftcard, thinking the link had not worked. It's okay though, it worked and now I have $10 in giftcards :)


I got the my melody hoodie which was really cute and comfy❣️


They look really nice both on my legs and arms🌸 Thought it was cute to use the fluffy legwarmers as gloves❣️

Very cool

Looked super nice and they sit nice💞

Super cute

Everything i got has been really cute and made my outfits so cool💕

High quality warm and comfy

They were so much thicker than I had expected, and the quality is really good! They were so easy and cute to style

Super cute

Very warm and cute!

Exactly as pictured

Super cute and warm!

Super cute!!

The accessories are super high quality and very cute, the dress is a little thin but still really pretty I recommend wearing bloomers underneath

Great Surprises!

I liked the adjustable waist but what I loved more was the fact that it had a pocket not mentioned in the description. I can fit so much stuff in there including my phone, wallet and keys and the quality of the fabric was surprising for the price. Tip: if you wear it so the tag is in the is in the back it seems like the pocket opening is backwards but that means things don’t fall out when you sit down

Amazing 🤩

This looks so sexy-!! It arrived so much earlier than I expected and I am in love with the way it fits perfectly on my body. It makes me feel super sexy and I am totally ready for my concert!! I came across a couple questions regarding the sizing and I got so much help to make sure my order would be okay!! 10/10

Fits Big Busted Me

Love this tee and was even able to find one that fits my chest, which is rare. It's soft and very nice material.

Cute and fun

Love this cute shirt. It's unique and fits well an one of my favorite tees.


This is my favorite skirt right now! the embroidered hearts are so nice and luxe, the length is short but not too short and comes with modesty shorts built in just in case.

Cute and sparkles

I love this skirt! It comes with modesty shorts and has a nice long length. The material is soft and holds the pleat well. I also appreciate customer service helping me find the right size.

Love it`

I cannot wait for the weather to be cold so I can wear this! It's cozy and so soft and a nice long length to easily wear over leggings.

So soft and comfy

I loved the oversized cardigan. The sweater is well made, the color is great, and it's oversized and ready to cuddle in.

Great length

I have a hard time finding skirts, not too short or too long! They are perfect for me.

Love it!

Great skirt. Bought for school uniform. Looks nice. Comes to the knees. Feels well made :)

This is my absolute favorite pleated skirt I have ever bought!!!!

This skirt fits perfect. I got the X-Large (75cm/29.5 inch). This skirt fits perfect and I really recommend this size to those who wear similar size pants like me.

I would most definitely recommend this skirt!