Affiliate & Sponsorship

Cutiekill is seeking fashion influencers and models who show us and our customers their fashion coordinates, to help customers know better about how to coordinate the outfits and also to spread positive vibes, self-confidence and body positivity by their fashion style.
Kindly note that there are three ways for affiliate program:
  • Everyone is free to join: 5% commission of each sale you bring
  • With 10k+ followers: Free barter cooperation, we directly send free item(s).
All collaboration is 100% free. There are no out-of-pocket costs to join.

1.    Everyone is free to join:  🎁 5% commission of each sale you bring 
1)     Sign up our Affiliate Program (click here).
2)     Free to sign up. No minimums for sale. You don't need to pay anything and nothing charged when you do not bring sale after. 
3)     You are free to access your account anytime for information, sales you bring and commission you gain. 
4)     Just share your referral coupon code 15% off, put the referral link in your social media bio. Once someone uses your referral links or code to purchase from our website, you will gain 5% commission of each sale. 
5)     15% off code is valid for all items in our store.
6)     Provide a valid Paypal email to receive your earned payments or take store credit for free items.
2.    Free Barter Cooperation 10k+ followers: 🎁 $50-200 Free item(s)
1)     We send free item(s) $50-200 to you for making a professional cute content photos or videos for review at your social page. After receiving your photos, you can keep the item(s).
2)    Qualification: Must have at least 10k followers (any social media, please provide screenshot or link). Public account with active engagement with your followers.
3)     All requests must be sent to with the subject "Cutiekill Free Barter Program".
4)    Email content includes information:
.   Your name / country,
.   Link(s) or usernames to your social media like Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook etc. 
.   Followers count & average likes per post (if you have)
.   Name of discount code 15% off you would like to promote with
.   Send the item(s) link you want to review 
 * Please note that we will only answer e-mails that we are interested in collaborating with. ^^
5)     Earn 10% commission at least when someone ordered through your exclusive link.The reward will also be increased once we have a long-term cooperation. It mainly depends on the incoming traffics.

Cooperation details:

Cutiekill reserves the right to collect and use the photos & information of your post(s).
The posts should be published within 14 days upon the arrival of the items.
The feedback photos should be clear full set photos, not selfies.
You must tag @cutiekill and add hashtag #cutiekill in your Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter posts.
* Please email to once you publish your posts.